Our Stations


LMNOC Broadcasting is home to six unique radio stations, each covering different genres. 

The Mix
KNMF 106.5 FM

Mix-106.5 KNMF-FM is our newest station with a 100,000 Watt signal and an expansive broadcast radius that encompasses Northern New Mexico & Southern Colorado.  Mix 106.5 plays a diverse mix of great adult hits from yesterday and today. Hot songs you’ll love from the top contemporary artists of our time, as well as memorable songs that have become dear to our hearts; Mix 106.5 brings the variety that you crave! Mix 106.5 targets adults age 25-54. KNMF is not your typical mix station. From deep tracks to forgotten genres, you’ll find yourself discovering new music you never knew you loved. Mix 106.5 has a little something for everyone!



Radio Exitos
KXMT 99.1 FM

KXMT 99.1 FM Radio Exitos is our most powerful signal. Transmitting 100,000 watts of power, KXMT covers Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado. KXMT is the only 24-hour Spanish radio station in history with a clear signal from Taos, New Mexico to Alamosa, Colorado.  KXMT features a custom tailored format created exclusively for our target audience. KXMT’s playlist offers a blend of International, Regional Mexican, Tejano, and popular local Spanish New Mexican Artists. KXMT also offers Local Programming including local and national News, Weather and local issues that affect the community.




True Country
KKTC 99.9/100.7 FM

Covering Taos and Colfax Counties, KKTC 99.9/100.7 FM plays the familiar Country hits that everybody wants to hear. We focus on playing the top Country hits from every decade to make the station easy to listen to for even the occasional Country listener. It is the music you know and the Country you love. KKTC True Country blends the most popular current Country songs with the greatest Country hits of all time, a terrific mix for all ages. KKTC True Country features the biggest songs from today's brightest stars and also plays popular classics. The combination of today's stars and yesterday's hits gives KKTC True Country the widest selection of country songs available.



KTRZ 105.5 FM
Thunder 105.5 covers Taos county & plays the best classic rock from 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, & early 2000’s.  Our programming reflects the true classics, in depth, that the Taos market demands. Artist’s like AC/DC, Linkin Park, Cranberries, Blue October, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Pearl Jam and Nirvana are just a few of the classic rock sounds of Taos. We posses the largest classic rock library in a five-state radius.
The Voice of Truth
KVOT 1340 AM
KVOT AM1 340 reaches families and individuals with encouraging communicators and popular Contemporary Christian music.  Our vision is to use technology and mass communications to effectively communicate the heart of Jesus Christ and draw people closer to Him. KVOT AM 1340 is the first 24/7 Contemporary Christian music station in Taos County.  

The Mountain
KKIT 95.9 FM

95.9 FM The Mountain is the best mix of hit music from the 80’s through today, created exclusively for our unique and culturally diverse listeners. Our target audience is 25-54 year old adults, skewing female, who represent the most loyal radio listeners in the U.S. The Mountain is Hit Radio for adults, without the hardcore rap or elevator music or the mid-tempo mood of Adult Contemporary. The music is current-intensive, featuring a mix of new artists with timeless classics. You’ll hear music from artists like The Weekend, Post Malone, James Blunt, Ke$ha, Kelly Clarkson, and more!